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Junk Car Buyers

Max's Cash For Cars is one of the largest Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers in Indiana. 

If your old car is no longer running and you atre sick of constantly paying for repairs on your vehicle and need to get rid of it for fast cash today, then you have foung the answer to your unwanted situation.

Call us at 317-941-5865

and we will come to you with cash in hand to help.


At  Max's Cash For Cars we love to buy use, junk cars.

We are an Indianapolis Junk Car Buyer

If you you have an unwanted vehicle at your location that no longer runs and you need it removed you may bring it to our location or we will come to you, pay you in cash and tow your old vehicle away, for free. We will give you cash for it on the spot. You can turn your old car into money, today, whether it runs or not. It is really simple for you to get your car removed today. All you have to do is call one of our Junk Car Buyers 317-941-5865


It's That Easy!

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